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Hyacinth has been a hair stylist in London, Ontario for over 20 years and has done countless styles for all sorts of people, as well as changing her own hair style on a weekly basis. Many of her clients request the service of hair extensions. As her clients requested many different styles, she noticed one thing was constant, the quality of the hair they purchased was rarely of premium quality. As a result, Hyacinth went in search of extensions to purchase so that her clients would be satisfied. The search for premium quality extensions proved to be difficult. As a result Hyacinth decided it was time to start her own brand of premium quality hair extensions and wigs. Hyacinth enlisted the...

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Why you should really consider buying a wig - if you haven’t already

Once made out of plant fibres and used for protection from the sun, wigs now come in various colours, textures and styles, and have reigned for years as one of the most popular fashion statements. Worn by women and men of all ages and backgrounds, wigs hold tremendous appeal due to the fantastic advantages they offer. If you have yet to jump on the wig train, here are the top five reasons to wear a wig that will have you racing to buy your first wig in no time. Wigs are the perfect way for you to effortlessly switch up your look every now and then. If you’d like to try bleach-blonde tresses one day, dark curly hair another day...

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Five reasons to wear hair extensions!

Hair extensions have grown in tremendous popularity since the 2000’s. Once mostly worn by celebrities and performers, hair extensions are now worn by everyone from celebrities, to working women, to teen girls and even men! If you’ve been considering trying extensions out but aren’t too sure if you want to give it a shot, here are five reasons to wear hair extensions that’ll surely convince you!       Volume, volume and more volume If your natural hair doesn’t have much body to it, hair extensions are a great way to add effective volume to your look. Since there are so many styles, colours and lengths of extensions on the market today, you can be sure to find the right...

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