Crochet braids - the best protective style?

Though they first gained popularity in the 90’s, crochet braids have once again risen to fame as one of the trendiest styles today. Worn mostly by black women, crochet braids are often a favourite due to the clear advantages that they hold when it comes to installation, styling and maintenance. Simple but stunning and versatile, crochet braids are great for those who want to look fabulous while keeping their natural hair protected.

Crochet braids are attached to cornrows by using a latch hook. Though it might sound complicated, it really isn’t! Unlike box braids and faux locks, crochet braids don’t take very long, and you don’t have to have any specific skills to install the style. This is one reason that crochet braids are popular among women that may not have the time or patience to braid their hair, or the skills to have it braided.

Another big reason to choose crochet braids as a protective style is how much less damaging it can be when compared to others. For instance, to keep box braids and Senegalese twists looking great, they are usually twisted very tightly - especially around the hairline! This is not only pretty painful, but can even leave you with hair loss. For this reason, crochet braids are a welcome alternative. Since the hair is attached to your cornrows and not to small sections of hair, there’s barely any pulling and snagging of your natural hair.

Crochet braids were first done with free hair extensions, but have recently seen a revolution of sorts. You can get your crochet braids done in every style imaginable, whether it’s Havana twists, Senegalese twists, faux locks or even an afro! Maintenance isn’t a hassle either, as crochet braids last for as long as two months with good care. If you’re looking for a style that you won’t have to redo every week, you should definitely consider crochet braids.

Quick, easy and long-lasting, crochet braids are a no-brainer for a stylish protective style this year. Try this flawless, realistic style this year - you’re bound to love it!

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